Billedet på sidehoved
Billedet på sidehoved
  • Copenhagen City School
  • Gl. Kongevej 15C, 1610 Kbh. V

Curiosity Diversity Engagement

Billedet på sidehoved

To: Rob Barrett                                                                                            

Copenhagen Euro School

Gammel Kongevej 15C

1610 København V


April 27, 2010

Dear Euro-School,

Thank you so much for hosting our group from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. All of us who visited were supremely impressed by your very special institution.  Neither in Denmark nor in the United States have I ever been to a school that wholly celebrates socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity in the way that the Euro School does.   The school culture is one that radiates acceptance, openness, and a strong sense of community. And it is the inclusion and engagement of students, the dedication and enthusiasm of teachers, and the authenticity of the school’s leadership that have really enabled the Euro School’s mission statement to come alive.

Through a proactive passion for education and constant reevaluation, it seems that your school administration has created a curriculum and teaching practices that both mirror contemporary society and engage students.   The 9th grade physics teacher ingeniously integrated the smartboard into his lesson.   Through the complementation of his huge energy and best practices teaching, he activated prior knowledge and helped students to connect material to their everyday lives.  

Upon entering the 2nd grade classroom, all of us could not help but feel welcomed, safe, and happy in this supportive community.  The 2nd grade teacher has so successfully created a classroom culture that proudly affirms and celebrates differences.  In helping children to identify their ethnic and national heritage, she made every child in the class feel beautiful, important and special.  The students were very confident and welcomed their English speaking visitors with pride and independence, showing us around the classroom, reading books to us, and sharing with us their journals.    Furthermore, the fact that their English was so good made it easy to communicate with them.  The maturity and self-efficacy of these young people showed us how this school has really instilled self-confidence and agency in its pupils.

Thank you, again, for letting us visit this incredible school.  The Euro School has made a lasting impression on all of us; it has inspired us to think about diversity and culture in a new light. We only hope that we can come back to visit sometime in the near future.


Maren McMullan and the Danish Institute for Study Abroad