Billedet på sidehoved
Billedet på sidehoved
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Billedet på sidehoved


På Copenhagen City School benytter vi os af Forældreintra. Når barnet starter på skolen, får alle forældre et log in, og herefter foregår al skriftlig kommunikation via denne side. Barnets kontaktbog ligger her, ligesom lektier, meddelelser og andet fra skolen. Det er også her du som forælder kan kontakte en lærer, enten via barnets kontaktbog eller ved at sende en besked.

Hvis du oplever problemer med at logge ind, bedes du kontakte kontoret - det er vigtigt, at tjekke siden dagligt.

Skole-hjem samtaler

Skole-hjem samtaler afholdes 2 gange på et skoleår. Her er det muligt, at tale med fag- og klasselærer om barnets faglige og sociale udvikling. 


På hvert klassetrin afholdes et årligt forældremøde. Her er fokus på klassens faglige og sociale udvikling. 


To gange om året evalueres elevernes faglige standpunkt. I de ældre klasser gives karakterer, i de yngre klasser udtalelser. Elevplaner bliver lagt i elevens mappe via forældreintra/elevintra, og fremsendes ikke længere i papirform.

A Guide to Good Communication at CCS:  
Code of Conduct

As a school we put great value on our close working relationship with parents.   Their support, and help, is invaluable in doing our jobs to the best of our ability.  It is vital that when there are concerns that we hear of them so that we can act quickly.

This code of conduct is a guide to ALL who work at our school, or have children here. 

The aim is to have clear guidelines so everyone knows the correct procedure to address any issues that may arise.

Parent : Teacher
In everything but the most unusual cases, parents should contact the teacher concerned when an issue arises.   There should be an expectation from both parties that communication is mutually respectful.
If the problem cannot be resolved then school leadership should be contacted.

Parent : Parent
Due to the variety of issues that can arise between parents it is almost impossible to cover all possibilities.  However, we would ask parents to bear in mind the following:

  • Not to discipline another child under any circumstances.
  • That emails/intra is often a very poor vehicle for resolving issues.
  • That a child’s version, whilst true to them, does not necessarily represent the whole truth, and therefore, it is important when communicating with other parents, to gather as much information first.
  • If a disagreement occurs on school premises respectful communication is paramount.
  • If a parent has a concern, intra is not to be used for them to gather support for their case.  Their concerns must first be addressed to leadership, or the teacher concerned.  The teacher’s role is then to investigate, and should there be a need to act accordingly.  This may involve a class meeting with students, or with parents etc…

Teacher : Teacher
Teachers should first address their concern to the teacher.  If this fails to resolve the issue then contact the school leader.

Teacher : Leadership
In most cases the suggested course of action is as with teacher : teacher.  However, in certain cases it may be necessary to contact the TR.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Gareth