Billedet på sidehoved
Billedet på sidehoved
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Billedet på sidehoved

In a world that is becoming ever more global, the ability to be able to communicate, at a high level, in English is not only useful, but becoming a necessity.

We at Copenhagen City School believe that language is best acquired from a young age, and for that reason we start lessons right from the moment students start their schooling.  With three lessons in børnehaveklasse, rising to 6 from first grade onwards, we invest the energy, and resources, required to deliver an English programme of the highest quality.

It is our promise to both prospective, and current parents, that English will always be taught by a teacher who has it as their mother tongue.  It is our firmly held view that there is simply no substitute to learning a language from a native speaker:  the fluency, accuracy, cultural understanding and enthusiasm, they bring, gives the lessons a depth that otherwise would be simply not possible.

With so many native speakers at the school English is not a subject that is confined to the classroom, but rather it is a living language that permeates daily school life.  This, we believe, is why students who attend CCS become such confident and accurate speakers.  Quite simply it is because they are immersed in it from the beginning, and through that lose the self-consciousness, we all have, when communicating in a language that may not be our first.

It is no surprise to us that we constantly achieve one of the highest averages in the country. However, don’t take my word for it, come and visit and experience it for yourself.